What is DSC Sport?

Dundon is proud to be a dealer for the most revolutionary products for suspension tuning in recent memory.  Porsche's® PASM system is good but it is a passive system meaning that when you hit the button it changes the shock settings and leaves them alone.  The DSC controller dynamically controls the PASM system changing it to an active system.  This is huge!  It means that as the car is recieving data from the road/track the suspension settings can be modified in real time.  The PASM system is good with 50ms reaction times to the controller.  For those looking for more, check out the Tractive DDA dampers, these are world class dampers in their own right, but coupled with the Tractive valving the reaction times are reduced to 6ms.  This allows for more sophisticated control parameters and less predictive based control as used on the stock PASM system.  Take a look at the video for more info!