Review from Shogun974 on Rennlist:  

Shogun has Dundon 997.1 Race Headers and  Dual Cone Carbon Airbox

"At idle, sound is suggestive: not that loud but you feel the engine can tell what he thinks.

At low revs and duty, sound is soft. It is even strange how they managed to keep the car that streetable.

When you push it harder, sound is more aggressive and sound level raise. You have some "pop pops", and others appetizers.

At wot...what a glorious sound. It is crystal clear, powerful and you fell like a professional driver in a race. It is quite impossible not to get emotional and having fun. It is organic / orgasmic. It is pure. wow."

Unwrapping from the long flight to Reunion Island

backside reinforcing plates

Backside reinforcing plates

backside reinforcing plates 2


"Oooh dad, can't wait for this to be mine one day..." 

response of son


Bumper off, nice intake!  

bumper off

Broken OEM Muffler, common with 997 and 991 GT3 and RS

broken muffler

Close up of the Broken OEM Muffler (common among 997/991 GT3/RS)

broken close up


Dundon Lifetime 321SS Muffler next to the OEM muffler

side by side comparison


Backside to backside!

backside to backside

Installed, waiting for the bumper to go on!

waiting for bumper


Close up installed

close up installed


Bumper and Tips installed!

ready to go