We tested our GT4 Race Headers bolted on vs a competitors GT4 Race Headers bolted on. No tune.

First a picture of the Stock Manifolds (left) Competitor (Middle) and Dundon Race (right).

All were tested blocking the hot air from the radiators and blowing cool air into both sides air intakes.  Both were tested with K&N Airfilters and the Cobb Stage 0 (stock) map.  Same SAE correction etc...


dundon gt4 race headers vs competition

Dundon GT4 Race Headers vs Competitor - +25whp and +18lbft at 7100RPM

Dundon GT4 Race vs Competitor Race, 

+29whp and +30lbft at 5000rpm

Dundon GT4 Race vs Competitor Race

+25whp and +35lbft at 3800rpm

Dundon GT4 Race vs Competitor Race

Dundon GT4 Race headers have superior performance, superior construction and use superior materials, you really do get what you pay for..