Can Side deletes and a Muffler make power?  We know the side deletes and mufffler save about 40lbs and add glorious drone free sound, we needed to test if the combo freed up any power.  We thought our 3" Side Deletes and our Lifetime Muffler had a chance.  The stock muffler requires a 2.5" inlet, our calculations showed this is likely a restriction over 450whp.  Our Lifetime Muffler has a 3" flow path and when mated with our 3" valved side deletes makes an unrestricted path for the stock exhaust!  Just needed to test it...

So we did!






side deletes graph

The 10whp gain isn't much to shout about, but it's a little bit, the 23lbft gains at 4500 rpm are a bonus we didn't expect.  

Lose weight, gain sound, no more split mufflers, and a bit of power!