We've been excited to get the details and sound clips up for the 2020 Speedster Exhaust Package.  The car featured in the video has our Street Headers reconfigured to work with the electronic valves on the Speedster, along with our Lifetime Loud Center Muffler and Titanium Tips.  The end result is spectacular!  Flat six ripping when you want it and pleasurable top down cruising in between blasts!  Oh and there's a 47lbft and 20hp at the wheel bonus to all those good sounds!  

See the video below, and the Dyno below that!





Torque Gains:  47lbft gains at the wheels 

Dundon Street Headers 47lbft gains on 2020 Speedster (US Spec)

20horsepower at the wheel gains with Dundon Street Headers!

2020 Speedster Dundon Street Headers 20 whp gains